Paul Flickinger

Small foreword of Alphonse Pensa

The creative artists are provided with palpable joy and suffering, no neutrality or simples streams with human candor.
No lies. No walls or other fences. No varnish. The greatness of Love, yes, splendor too.
All those unhook tirelessly in their heads to become a full song, synapsis by synapsis, a sumptuous torture.
And Paul Flickinger the noble craftsman, aptly named inventor of this book of splinters , is undoubtedly one of those people.
Born in 1941 in Colmar, in the France occupied of Haut-Rhin, Paul Flickinger is currently living in Lorraine, he founds his roots in the story true or vagabond of the mobile world of yesterday and today, transcends the future by breakwaters hemmed of fantastic visions.
His national and international exhibitions carried him, in France, from Paris to Alsace and naturally in Lorraine, from south of cicadas to the lovers of many other regions.
So it was the warm welcome found in the most interesting places in Switzerland and Austria, Sweden Quebec to gawking stares of Tahitians in their countries even so already broken by the beauty.
And wherever passed the creative inspiration of the artist it became a party, a buttress for the strongest contemporary gleam.
In regard of artworks created by his inexhaustible talent as a painter and sculptor, I am and remain firmly convinced that a perfect oneness emerges from this man and his goal, animates and characterizes all its approaches to Raw Art.
They mark the recent years of the wealthiest noticeable originality but also promise future hesitant bold breaking, choreographed by tirelessly inspirations.
We feel that the unthinkable will lose its status as anything can still happen, jumping out of boxes that aesthetics and emotion will finally break a Gordian knot.
The genius of his being is really not far away.
Without neglecting their beneficial influences should now forget to come back constantly on comparisons with Picasso, Max Ernst, Chaissac, Miro and Dubuffet.
Like all previous ones, Flickinger is unique.
To better identify him, understand him, it would, from steeple to steeple, float the long procession creative author feelings without frac at every step greedy humanity come to unpin, by heart all grenades the daring wonder, i mean the Raw Art, became his, as if in poudroient disenchantment old puppets who all believe their great fairs of odds and ends, to you, to you.
And it would be just like that, and it would be especially good.


I would add unnecessarily rope, as Paul FLICKINGER and poet that I am no truly foreign to our beloved land, as friends who have not met yet.
From memory to memory, all the clocks will undoubtedly pass the guards tomorrow that in 2000 an unusual artist made a long ride his creativity in the tumult of the Roaring Forties until warm current of the Gulf Stream reinvents for his demonstration, in 250 parts, planted between the walls of this high place of culture housed the Norbertine Abbey in Pont-à-Mousson, one of the jewels of Lorraine.
What a voice, even protest, one day dare deny that initially it was only music ... because it was not possible to align a sentence, crazy or consistent in the presence of all those kisses to earth.
The work of FLICKINGER was there, supportive and burning.
It was as she expected some calming view of sky, full of smiling children.
But after the language of iron, steel, bronze, stone, leather, colorful souls, why not say this greedy driftwood his old attachment to the sea.
Together they talk about their veins, their swollen waves, emphasize the blackness of the clouds, the roar of a storm.
In front of this stall or violent mirror, beautiful fool of Marly go so far as to embrace the latest in a still wet wreck on a beach with some pebbles with silence from time immemorial, this word before men.
While being gifted often secures to dazzling thoughts, expression of his subjects is almost always asked.
However, I would go so far to claim that in some works of the author obedience letter can reach coolest requirements of humor.
But since we are at the net definition without blunderbusses or trumpets, let us say everything vintage, eroticism is not far either.
Now therefore go to the end of our surprises, with a bit of exaggeration on my part, readily admitted, I think that if the path, in order to arrive to a finished carving or a visionary painting, demanded, the researcher of new arts can walk on water.
The exciting world that sign with both hands Paul Flickinger, is necessary for art as culture, vital apneas of the revolt. it must be essential to the street because it often marks.
So how to resist to the common beliefs, how ?

Alphonse Pensa 


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