Paul Flickinger


Born in Colmar on August 11th, 1941, he lives and works in Lorraine Region, in Marly (Moselle).
From 1957 to 1961
Starts to work at Arthur Boxler’s workshop.
Paintings and graphic Arts at Colmar.

He becomes Art Director of « Républicain Lorrain » newspaper in Metz.
With twelve painters and carvers, he creates Art-Research group.
From 1974 to 1980 : multiples group and personnal exhibitions
- Bartholdi Colmar Museum - Les Artistes Européens Prüm (Germany)
- Corbin Nancy gallery
- Strasbourg Modern Art museum gallery - French artists salon, Grand Palais Paris
- Industrial society, Mulhouse
- Autumn salon, Grand Palais, Paris
- Rainbow gallery, Paris
- U.N in Vienna (Austria) French institute of Vienna (Austria)
Silver medal in French Artist salon, Grand Palais, Paris – Silver medal in Contemporary Art review Quebec – Canada.

Selected by Bodenschatz gallery Basel (Switzerland). Art’82 Basel – Stockolm Art.
Review of Contemporary Art, New-York
Kornschütte Luzern (Switzerland)
Bodenschatz gallery, Basel (Switzerland)
Review of Contemporary Art, Dallas
House of Culture of Metz
Gauguin museum (Papeari) Tahiti
Poseidon Museum, Knokke – Lezoute (Belgium)
Contemporary Art Museum, Noyon
Bodenschatz gallery, Basel (Switzerland)
Grand prix of Revelation salon 87
Gallery of « Esplanade de la défense », Paris
Arts salon, Honor Guest of Vichy city
Arts Gambetta gallery, Metz
Invited by Pierre Cardin. Creation of a painting of 2m x 3m for the launch of his perfume, exhibited in Espace Pierre cardin (Paris) for the event.
Arts Gambetta gallery, Metz
Espace Pierre Cardin (Paris) - Arts Gambetta gallery, Metz
General Council of Vosges, Epinal
Metz Arsenal, « Steel summer », Arts gambetta, Metz
St'Art 97 Strasbourg.
Arts gambetta gallery, Metz.
Different gallery, Hamburg (Germany).
St'Art 98 Strasbourg
Art Jonction, Nice
Schortgen galleries, Luxembourg
Arthena gallery (Eguisheim)
Arts Gambetta gallery, Metz
Vittel d'Art 2000
Billettes cloister, Paris
The Lorraine of Giants, Abbaye des Prémontrés, Pont-à-Mousson
Arts on cows 2001, Luxembourg
Schortgen galleries, Luxembourg
Mediathèque of Bitche (Moselle)
Arthena gallery (Eguisheim)
"Fragrances" Schortgen Esch-sur Alzette gallery, Luxembourg
"Mes'sages" General council of Meurthe et Moselle
Hotel of department, Nancy
"Mes'sages" Chapelle de l'Institut, Pont à Mousson and in Briey, Longwy, Toul, Baccarat Galery Arthena Eguisheim free expression gallery
Le Touquet « Works of Peace and War », Cri D’art Amnéville le Thermes, Cri d’art « Sensations and Revolutions »
General Council of Meurthe and Moselle, Nancy
"Mes'sages" Hotel of Department, Epinal
"Fragrances" Abbaye des Prémontrés, Pont à Mousson
Schortgen gallery, Luxembourg
Female / Male
Cri d'art - Amnéville le Thermes
SNVB bank, Nancy
Schortgen gallery, Luxembourg
Moselle Espace, Bruxelles
General Council of Moselle
Im Palais am Festungsgraben gallery - Berlin / Mitte
Female – male & Greats Tyroleans
Mittlach - Alsace - Land Art Monumental
Creation of 26 visuals for the East TGV (France)
Collection Regional council of Lorraine, Hotel of Region, Metz
Concorde gallery, Mulhouse
Castle of Madame De Graffigny, Villers-lès-Nancy
- Cultural center meeting – Abbaye de Neumunster, Luxembourg (January 25th – February 25th)
- TGV looks – Collection of Regional council of Lorraine
- Emotions not controlled, Mona Bismarck foundation, Paris (January 23rd to Mars 13th)
- Exhibition transferred to St Avold city hall, from may 24th to June 29th
- Schortgen gallery, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg (from May 10th)
- Rochefort Royal gallery, Site Corderie Roale (from October 10th to November 5th)
- Inauguration of the bust of Pierre Messmet, on may 25th to the St Avold Cultural center, by Philippe Seguin and André Wojciechowki
- Present in Pierre Salinger museum, La bastide rose 84250 Le Thor
- Realization of a monumental carving (510 x 350cm) ordered by SANEF company, symbolizing Europe of Peace, Verdun Saint Nicolas resting area, Highway A4, inaugurated on November 11th 2008.
France and the new world « The US presidential election system » from G. Washington to our days
Artistic and cultural event which preface of the year 2010, of Russia and France and of France in Russia
"La Marianne" creation of a monumental carving, installed in the Parc de la Résidence of embassador of Russia Federation to France and exhibition “Regards Croisés” (cross looks) inaugurated by S.E.M Alexandre Orlov Ambassador of Russia in France for Heritage days – Hôtel d'Estrées 79, rue de Grenelle 75007 PARIS
Creation for the General Council of Meuse of a carving
"Les Fusillés de 14-18", inaugurated on November 4th on the site of the destroyed village de Fleury Devant Douaumont, near Verdun.
- Monumental carving – installation of a copy of the « Marianne » in Marly, city which is paired with Maïski, a city of Oural, and inaugurated with S.E.M. Alexandre Orlov ambassador of Russian federeation in France.
- Creation and installation of a monumental carving « La créative » 3.60m high x 2,60m wide, in front of the hall of Hagondange city.
- Creation of Russian dolls « Les matriochkas » as part of the 2010 year Franco-Russian initiated by S.E.M. Alexandre Orlov and installed in the courtyard of the Hotel d’Estrées, residence of ambassador of Russian federation in France for the Heritage Days.
- October 22nd, 2010 in Moscow – received as honnor member of the prestigious Arts academy of Russia in Moscow by Zurab Tsetereli, President of Arts Academy of Russia and Director of Modern Art museum of Moscow.
- Realization of a Carving for the trophies of 27th trampoline world championship in Metz (Moselle – France)
Exhibition « Female/male » Gravas Castle in Barsac.
« Carvings in the City », 20 monumental carvings exposed in Sarrebourg city
In honor and support to the work of Paul Flickinger, his friends created the association « Flickinger Fan’Art club » in Montigny-lès-Metz.
Exhibition « Eclats d’émotions » (Burst of emotions), La Grande Place, Museum Cristal Saint-Louis, Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche.
Creation for the general council of Meurthe et Moselle of 11 monumental carvings « L’homme en devenir » in the Château des Lumières of Lunéville.
Installation and exhibitions in Château Gravas, Barsac.
Creation in bronze and inauguration of the carving in memory of “Malgrés nous” and to friendship French-Russian in the new town French square Tambov (Russia).
Exhibition over 400m² of 120 artworks, a condensate of 30 years of creations to the museum of Arts academy of Russia in Moscow.
Creation of a carving « La vie » installed in Sarrebourg.
Creation of a carving « Les Ecrivains de la Grande Guerre » presented to the Invalides in Paris.
Creation of a carving « L’envol » in Moulins-lès-Metz.
The school of Vigy in Moselle takes the name of Paul Flickinger.
Exhibition « Nect’Art » in Château Gravas, Barsac
Creation of a label L’esprit de Gravas - Sauternes
Exhibition « Le jardin des Reflets », 10 monumental carvings in the garden of the Hotel d’Estrées in Paris, residence of the ambassador of Russian federation in France.
Exhibition « Mes’sages » Château des Lumières, Halle à Grains in Luneville (from June to September).
Exhibition in Orangerie du Sénat – jardin du Luxembourg, Paris « Emotions non Contrôlées » over 650m² from July 4th to July 14th – 26000 visitors over 10 days.
Realisation and installation of 3 monumental carvings in the site of the new city hall of Woutsviller.
Exhibition – Drift woods – Paints under Altuglas – Veraline carvings – in the Citadel of Calvi, Corsica.
Inauguration of a monumental set of carvings in Cast-Iron « La Famille », acquired and installed in Woippy on the new roundabout of Ladonchamps.
Exhibition « Female-Male » made by and for the Fan’Art club Flickinger in the park and residence of Solange and Daniel Reinert, Remilly./font>
Acquisition of a painting « La Marianne » by the Sénat and reproduced for his whishes for 2014.
Creation of a memorial in Bronze material, in Coin-les-Cuvry and inaugurated by Kader Arif, minister for Veterans.
Installation and exhibition « Hommage à Nougaro » in Château Gravas, Barsac. Laureate in 2014 of the Best-of Gold Wine tourism, in Arts & Culture category.
Installation and exhibition in « L’art et la Matière » gallery, Paris, Ile St-Louis.
Creation of a memorial carving for the First World War centenary with in back projection, the soil of fighting in its pedestal, available for all city-hall of France.
Exhibition « Mirabelles en fête », 40 artworks on the theme of Mirabelle, a donation to the house of Mirabelle of Rozelieures.
Creation of a carving for the memory of the 100th million valve EKK Eagle Industry, France. Installed in the Head Quarter of the Faulquemont plant.
Creation of a carving for the memory of the 100th million valve EKK Eagle Industry, France. Installed in the Head Quarter of the Faulquemont plant.
Grand prix of National Academy of Metz 2014
Price Chabot-Didon given by the president Gérard Nauroy.
Installation and exhibition « Marianne » in the gallery of City-hall of Conflans.
Installation and exhibiton in Remilly by the Fan’Art Club Flickinger.
« Le mur des curiosités » (wall of curiosities) in the park and residence of Solange and Daniel Reinert (Vice-President of Fan’Art Club).
Creation of a carving for the Walter cabinet, reproduced in 1000 copies by Lucien Didier in the workshop of L’Art du Trophée, Francaltroff.

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