Paul Flickinger

Paul Flickinger is an incredible jack-of-all French man, renowned worldwide.

His work scope makes him, a 21th century artist.

Artist-sower from beautiful country of France, Paul Flickinger came to take his first light in Alsace before settling on Lorraine ground where his exceptional creative talent shattered all the certainties of Art.

His plume swirls start from the ecumenical human slight touch to the dazzling coral.

Quickly his passion snatches him from linear classical of a board to lead him to a high definition pictorial polyphony, from school sculpture to the impressive breath of a completely new volume.
Without grammatical sorcery, he sprays out from his garland fingers the childbirths that his modernity desire, require from artworks which are haunting him.

His journey carries with him the splendor of metamorphosis in which the disarming hardiness often joins an unspeakable space.


This image master allows his impressions to run along a possible multitude, invents puritanical forms but also naughty nodes , clears the unreachable depths of Colourists ways, never fails to pay their last respects to the sea ordering its driftwood before moving to the structures of Cosmic becoming.

His childrens and families portraits, molded together by a singing bird, getting out its cage of our urbanity through a majestic joy's spurt. Still without uniform, none, simplicity tracing everywhere havoc capitals sweet, heady.

A little further, a happy chap perhaps will perhaps try to drag his fingertips on the body of a mythical sculpture which he has strongly boosted in order to get it recognized as the most beautiful.

Transfiguration makes him right.

Provence, June 2007
Alphonse Pensa

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